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Questions about hedge, shrub and conifer trimming?

Will the work be performed in case of rain?

Our teams often work during light rain or scattered showers. However, the schedule is subject to change in the event of heavy rain or thunderstorms.

Do I need to be present during the work?

Our teams are autonomous with the work order. All you have to do is leave your fence unlocked or give us your backyard access information. Make sure you are present only if you want to give instructions to our team leader. You can also give your instructions by e-mail or telephone.

How often is it recommended to trim a cedar hedge?

Hedge trimming should be done annually, between April and November. This preserves its size, allows light to penetrate and makes the foliage denser.

Is it recommended to apply a fertilizer to help the growth of cedar hedges?

Yes, a fertilizer can be applied once a year, to help young and growing hedges and mature and sparse hedges. Paysaco uses a 5- to 6-month controlled-release granular fertilizer designed specifically for hedges, trees and shrubs. This fertilizer can not be found in big box stores.

How do you dispose of cedar scraps?

The foliage is transformed into cedar essential oil, useful to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The branches are turned into mulch and composted.

How much can trimming a cedar hedge cost?

Several factors influence the cost of a cedar hedge trim. The cost varies according to the dimensions of the hedge: its height, length, width, etc., but also according to the configuration of your yard and the obstacles that litter the hedge. Our estimator visits you quickly and free of charge to evaluate the workload and give you a quote.

Do you offer tree pruning service?

No. We specialize only in hedges, shrubs and conifers trimming as well as hedge pruning.

Is it possible to postpone or advance the period initially chosen for the service?

Yes. We ask that you notify us at least 3 working days in advance of any cancellation or postponement.

Will I be notified in advance of the visit of Paysaco?

Yes. We send a confirmation email informing you that our team will come within the next 10 business days to complete the work. If you want more details about the team’s arrival, you can contact us at 1-833-PAYSACO or by email at upon reception of the email.

What is the accepted method of payment?

You must register your payment method when creating your account. Accepted payment methods are VISA, MasterCard, VISA Debit and MasterCard Debit.

How can I change my credit card on file?

You can easily and securely change your card number by logging into your customer account, under the Methods of Payment section.

When will my credit card be charged for the amount due?

No deposit or prepayment is taken on your card before the service. Your card will be debited of the amount due, once the service has been performed. Most often, it is the next business day. However, when you book online, you might see a $1 preauthorization on your credit card. This operation is online to verify that your credit card is valid and will not end up on your final statement.

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