About Paysaco

A trusted name for hedge trimming and pruning for over 25 years.

Our vast experience means top-notch customer service that goes above and beyond your expectations. When you contact us, you’ll find out why so many people have trusted us over the past few decades.

Discover the Paysaco team

The team of trimmers

Our trimmers team consists of people who have been trained on the field by our best team leaders. Nothing better than lots, and we mean LOTS of experience to perform the most complex jobs perfectly.

 +25 years of experience

66 cities served

Thousands of satisfied customers

Why choose Paysaco?

Experienced and specialized staff

Polite and prompt customer service

We make sure to show up the chosen period you requested for your hedge trimming

Automated and predictable process

Credit Card payment after service only

Free touch-ups (if necessary) in the days following our first visit


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