Lawn care and hedge, shrubs and conifer trimming services

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Lawn care service

Insect pests? We take care of it! Weeds? We take care of it! A nutrient-poor lawn? We take care of it! With Paysaco 360º Lawn Care Package, your lawn is covered all the way. All of this, without paying any extras.

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Hedge, shrubs and conifer trimming service

If you no longer have the time or the energy to trim your hedges and shrubs, leave this task to our professionals. For over 25 years now, we have been providing an outstanding quality of work while maintaining very competitive rates.

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Why choose Paysaco?


Our proven methods and our know-how allow us to offer competitive prices year after year. Since our service offering is concentrated in only two disciplines, we can offer you a best quality-price ratio than most generalist landscapers.


Our work ethic and our operations management greatly exceed industry standards. Our teams are not only experienced but specialized in their field of work. And what about our customer service? Courteous and efficient is what our clients say!


We take your health and the environment seriously. That’s why we only use organic herbicide, without passing the bill on to you! In addition, our hedge trimmers are 100% electric: noiseless, emission-free.

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An established business

Paysaco equals peace of mind! With more than 25 years of expertise in the field and serving a vast territory of more than 50 cities, our teams arrive in an organized manner, with all the necessary equipment and leave without any apparent trace of their passage.

Transparency and respect of your schedule

No contract, no surprise! We understand that our clients can face unforeseen events, move, or simply change their mind. Paysaco submits a price to you and sticks to it, regardless of the workload.

Client testimonies


Exceptional company! My mom living in Greenfield Park hired them on June 29th, 2021. They arrived an hour earlier after informing my mom, and were punctual. The work they did was efficient and effective. Would recommend this company. Thank you for being very considerate!

John Hyun

This company is amazing. I’ve used them before. They confirm your appointment by email and show up do their thing and leave. The area around the trees is left clean and free of any branches. Love love love them.

Nancy Greaves

For more than 5 years Paysaco has been cutting our 5 cedar hedges, i.e. 3 deep rows x 260 linear feet. Impeccable service, courteous and smiling staff, respectful of the landscaping and concerned with a job well done. I checked before, during and after the work. Job well done all the way!

Pierre Joubert

Impeccable and courteous service. A team arrived at the house, they did the pruning of all my shrubs, they cleaned up, with great politeness. I am very impressed with the quality of this service and this company. True 5-star service.

Jean Arruda

It’s the best service EVER I’ve had with any company this year and for a long time. Service, price, punctuality, cleanliness and just really, really nice. (…) It will certainly be THE company I will do business with as long as I am a homeowner.

Marie-Josée Poirier

My parents are very satisfied with the work done. Affordable price, respected date, impeccable teamwork and attentive to the client. Good customer service. We will do business with you in the future. I would not hesitate to refer your services to family and friends. Thanks to the Paysaco team!

Michèle Hi-Law