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Starting at $168,75
4 visits – 9 treatments


  • Full lawn fertilization: 4 granular fertilizers
  • Environmentally friendly removal of weeds with FiESTA organic weed killer (2 full applications [June/September], 2 localized applications [May/July])
  • Lime soil amendment application (2020 promotional offer: free treatment included.)


Starting at $236,25
(10% savings)
5 visits – 11 treatments


  • PREMIER package
  • Core aeration
  • Overseeding


Starting at $327,38
(10% savings)
5 visits – 13 treatments


  • ESSENTIAL package
  • Grub control and prevention (organic treatment)
  • Lime soil amendment application

Taxes not included

After every visit, we’ll email you a detailed report on the state of your lawn and the treatments we provided.

PREMIER annual treatment

To ensure your lawn is as healthy and green as can be, you should regularly mow and water it. You should also provide it with the nutrients it needs and protect it from invasive weeds. We can help. Our PREMIER package provides a yearly treatment service in four visits.

During our four visits, we’ll use a special fertilizer designed to stimulate the growth of grass blades, giving them deeper roots and greater density. This will also help promote a lush green lawn.

During the second and fourth visits (June and September), we’ll cover your entire lawn with a Bio-herbicide (FiESTA) treatment combined with an organic granular fertilizer to kill weeds and prevent future infestation. If our technicians spot any weeds during any other visit, they’ll deliver a localized treatment. With our PREMIER package, you can rest easy knowing your lawn is in good hands!

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Services provided

FiESTA organic weed killer
Core aeration
Grub control and prevention (organic treatment)
Dolomitic lime (soil's PH amendment)
Granular fertilizer
The best times of the year for our 4 PREMIER treatments

We recommend treating your lawn as soon as possible and waiting 25 to 40 days between each visit, except for the 4th visit, which should take place about 60 days after the 3rd visit.

“À la carte” services

Core aeration + Overseeding

Starting at $125

Core aeration

Starting at $60

Overseeding only

Starting at $65

FiESTA organic weed killer

Localized/Spot application
starting at $50
Total lawn treatment
starting at $60

Grub control and prevention

Starting at $95

Dolomitic lime soil amendment

Starting at $40


Long-lasting granular
(+/- 16 weeks)
starting at $60

Taxes not included

More information about our services

Mechanical aeration (coring) of the surface

We’ll decompact the soil, which allows air, water, and nutrients (fertilizer, seeds, lime, etc.) to penetrate the soil, resulting in vibrant, healthy grass. Please let us know if you have an irrigation system.

Mechanical core aeration should take place between April 20 and June 12 or between September 7 and October 23.


We use mixed seeds to regenerate grass growth and improve your lawn’s resistance to insects and weather changes 40% (Kentucky Bluegrass), 40%  (Creeping Red Fescue), 20%  (Perennial Ryegrass). Promotes density and naturally decreases the number of weeds that can suffocate new blades of grass. Should be combined with core aeration or compost.

Overseeding should take place between April 20 and June 12 or between September 7 and October 23.

Grub control and prevention

We use GrubGONE bioinsecticide to prevent and eradicate grubs. This product is completely safe and doesn’t harm flowering plants or bees.

It should be used at the end of June or beginning of July.

Lime soil amendment application

We use a granular application of calcium and magnesium which is a natural conditioner that softens the soil and maximizes the impact of the fertilizer in addition to improving or correcting pH balance. Read on to find out more about the benefits of this service.

Can be applied any time of the year.

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