People have trusted Paysaco for more than 20 years now

Our vast experience translates in a top quality customer service that will live up to your expectations. By contacting our team, you will see for yourself why so many people, year after year, trust Paysaco.

Why choose Paysaco?

• Experienced and specialized staff
• Respect of your trimming week choice
• Email reminder a few days in advance, specifying the exact date and a time-slot for the job
• Possibility to pay your invoice by debit or credit
• Free touch-ups (if necessary) in the days following the first visit of our team
• Polite and prompt customer service

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Congrats to the Paysaco team for trimming my cedar hedge. In one hour, they trimmed the whole hedge, that was awesome. Plus, they are super professional. CONGRATS TO THE WHOLE TEAM

Diane Ducharme

We highly recommend Paysaco. We hire them every year and we are more than satisfied.

Danielle Roy

We’ve been satisfied with the Paysaco team. The job was well done and the team was professional.

Claudine Corbeil

The Paysaco team is reliable and they did a good job. They are always on time. If they say they will be there at 6:00 pm for an estimate, they will.

Lucie Vachon

We hired Paysaco because they have a good reputation.

Diane Meunier

I wanted to say BRAVO to all the Paysaco staff that did a really GOOD job with our “out-of-control” hedge ;-) Thanks to the Facebook Group Les Banlieusardises Bouchervilloises for the recommendation!

Stéphanie Lévesque